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Data scraping on Amazon

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Amazon is a very large e-commerce company in the United States. It offers users the widest range of products in the world. Its data can be useful in a number of ways. It is easy to extract using the web scraping. Scraping on is a fast and efficient method of extracting useful data in the world of e-commerce. Find out in this article why and how to effectively collect the data you need from your website.

The advantages of web scraping on Amazon

Web scraping on websites like Amazon helps you better research competitors' prices. It is a useful method for monitoring real-time costs and seasonal changes to provide consumers with better product offers. Scraping web pages on Amazon allows you to extract relevant data and save it either in a spreadsheet or in JSON format. 

It's even possible to automate the process so that data is updated on a regular weekly or monthly basis. For those in the know, there is currently no simple way of exporting product data from Amazon to a spreadsheet. 

There are several other specific benefits of web scraping on Amazon. You can use the details of product search results to improve your Amazon SEO status or your Amazon marketing campaigns. In addition, you can compare your offer with that of your competitors. Review data can be used for review management and product optimisation for manufacturers and retailers. 

Web scraping on Amazon allows you to discover the latest products. You can easily search for lists of a group's best-selling products. As you can see, scraping offers considerable advantages. However, scraping data on Amazon on a large scale is not a simple process at all. It is often blocked by the anti-scraping technology in place. 

Clearly, this is not an easy task. Scraping on such a huge site can be complex for beginners. If you want to find out more, take a look at this step-by-step guide. Whether you use Python Scrapy, theAPI Scraper or other tool, you can do it easily. 

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Choosing your web scraping method

To scrap Amazon, it's important to choose a method. One method of extracting data is to explore the category or shelf list for each keyword. Then ask for the product page for each and so on. This is an ideal solution for small-scale, less repetitive scraping. 

You can choose to create a database of the products you want to track. You will have a list of products or ASINs (unique product identifiers). The next step is to scrape each of these individual pages periodically. This can be daily, weekly, and more. This is the most commonly used method. 

How do I recover data on Amazon?

Apify Store has dozens of tools that can be used for scraping and automation. One of the most popular scraping tools is Amazon Product Scraper. This allows users to automatically extract data from Amazon. To scrap Amazon, you need to follow certain steps. 

First, you need to access the Amazon Product Scraper page via the Apify Store. You need to click on Free Trial. People who already have an Apify account will be redirected directly to the Apify console. They don't need to register. 

However, if you don't yet have an Apify account, you'll need to register. You can do this for free using your email address, Google Chrome or GitHub. 

The next step is to copy and paste the Amazon category URLs you want to retrieve. When you're in the Apify console, you need to insert the URL of the Amazon category from which you want to retrieve the data. 

After that, you need to select the maximum number of results you want to retrieve. This simply involves inserting the maximum number of items in the Max items field. Next, you need to select the proxy desired. You can opt for automatic proxies. You can also opt for customised proxies or selected proxies. 

You also need to start the actor. To do this, click on Start and wait for the results. When your task is complete, it will change from "Running" to "Successful". The last stage is to obtain the data. To see the results, go to the Datasets tab. You can preview them and download them in several formats: JSON, CSV, HTML table, Excel, and many more. 

As you can see, it's a simple process. You can then download the data for use in spreadsheets, reports and other applications. 

What are Amazon's scraping tools?

There are several tools you can use to scrap Amazon. You can opt for browser extensions. It is not difficult to find the key to an extension. These options offer basic functions. They are perfectly suited to occasional scraping or to small businesses looking for information in a simple structure and in small quantities.

One of the tools used for scraping on Amazon is Data miner. This is an extension tool that works on Google Chrome and also on Microsoft Edge. It extracts data from web pages and transfers it to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. There are customised solutions for scraping data from Amazon. With this tool, you can collect data from Amazon in just a few clicks. The solutions it offers can perfectly suit your needs.

Data Miner is designed with a user-friendly interface and interesting basic functions. It is a tool that is perfectly suited to small businesses or occasional use. However, it should be noted that there is a page limit for the free Data miner plan. This is set at 500 per month. If you want to scrape more, there are professional plans and other paid plans available. 

There's also the scraper web extension tool, which offers some interesting features. It has a point-and-click interface that is integrated into the development tool. You can build your own crawler by selecting the information from the list that you want on the web page. 

The web scraper has a number of features available for paid plans. These include cloud extraction, IP rotation, API access and scheduled scraping. As a result, this tool is perfectly capable of performing more frequent extractions and extracting a higher volume of information. 

What's more, Scrapers Parsers is a browser extension that you may find useful. You can use it to extract unstructured data and view it without code. The extracted data can be viewed on the site or downloaded in a variety of formats, including XLSX, XLS, XML and CSV. 

The tool's user interface is a panel that can be dragged and selected by browser clicks. It is capable of supporting programmed scraping. However, the interface does not appear to be entirely stable. It crashes fairly quickly. Visitors can take advantage of a usage limit of 600 pages per site. It is possible to obtain 590 more, but it is important to register. 

You can also opt for the trial version of Amazon Scraper. It is available from the Chrome Extension Store. It offers the ability to retrieve prices, shipping costs, product information, product images, and much more. 

You can access the Amazon site to carry out a search. If you are on the search page that contains the results you want to extract, you need to right-click. Then select the "Extract data from this page" option. The data will then be extracted and saved in a CSV file. 

The trial version allows you to download only 2 pages, regardless of the request. If you want to download an unlimited number of pages, you need to buy the full version. This also entitles you to one year's free support.  

Scraping Software is also an option for scraping on Amazon. People who need to scrape data from Amazon on a regular basis may face issues that prevent them from reaching the data such as IP ban, Captcha, data without different structures, and much more. To solve these different problems, it is important to have a powerful tool like Scraping software. 

You can also turn to Octoparse. This is a web scraping tool that lets you extract web data quickly and without coding. The strength of this tool lies in its intuitive graphical interface. You won't have to click perplexingly on erroneous data results thanks to its auto-detection function. 

In addition to auto-detection, Amazon models are even more practical. Using them, you can obtain detailed information on Amazon pages. You can also create a more personalised crawler yourself in advanced mode. 

With a paid plan, you can take advantage of powerful features such as Cloud service, automatic scheduled scraping and IP rotation. These features will be invaluable if you want to monitor prices, stocks and other information on a range of shops or products on a regular basis. 

ScrapeStorm is a visual web scraping tool powered by AI. It has an intelligent mode that works in a similar way to the auto-detection of the Octoparse tool. It is able to identify data with not too much manual operation. You simply click and type in the URL of the Amazon page you want to extract. 

Its pre-connection function lets you scrape URLs that require a connection to display content. Generally speaking, the application's user interface resembles that of a browser. You can use it comfortably.

ScrapeStorm lets you take advantage of a quota of 100 lines of data per day. What's more, only one run is allowed. Data gains in value when you do a good analysis. It is therefore important to upgrade your service if you choose this tool. The professional version for 10,000 lines of data per day. 

Finally, PorseHup is a web scraper that you can find as a direct download. Like the scraping tools listed above, it builds crawlers in 'click and select' mode and exports data in structured spreadsheets. 

For Amazon scrapers, the tool does not support auto-detection. It does not offer Amazon models.

You can save images and files in DropBox. It is also possible to run with IP rotation and scheduling if you opt for a standard plan. Users of the free plan can receive 200 pages per run. We recommend that you back up your data. 

The tools are designed for practical use. They make it possible to perform complicated operations with just a few clicks. However, it is not uncommon for users to encounter unexpected errors and problems. For those in the know, sites are constantly changing. To find solutions to this problem, you can learn more about HTML. You don't need to become a coder. You just need to take a few courses, and that's it. 

You can also turn to a data service for your project. The Octoparse data service is an excellent choice. You'll benefit from contacting a data expert to discuss how web scraping services can help you maximise your efforts. He or she will understand your needs and deliver satisfaction. 

In short, scraping on Amazon offers a number of advantages. You just need to get it right to take full advantage. As a brand seller, you can follow tutorials to find out more.

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