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What do I need to know to do Google scraping well?

Whether you're an SEO expert, a web writer or a digital marketing professional, your goal should be to produce quality content that ranks first on Google. To achieve this, there are techniques like Google scraping. It is a solution that offers many benefits. What is Google scraping ? Why and how to use it? Find out here some of the answers.

About Google scraping

The term Google scraping is used to refer to the process of making several automatic queries on Google or one of its services. It is a practice mainly used for analysis and SEO. Scraping consists of generating large volumes of automated queries.

It requires the use of a softwareA script or a programme set up by a webmaster. Thanks to web scraping, you have the possibility of collecting statistical data on requests.

The practice of web scraping is important especially in the field of SEO and search engine optimization in general. You can use it to analyse elements that could be useful for the SEO of a website.

Reasons to adopt scraping

Google scraping is a technique used by companies that make use of the large amount of data available on the web. Their goal is to make better decisions. Using programs, automatic software or another site, it is possible to retrieve and restructure data from a page.

Google scraping can be adopted for content reuse. This practice consists of reusing content from one site in order to publish it on another platform. It is a solution that allows you to multiply the number of pages of the same text and to have a better natural referencing.

Google scraping is a way of feeding data into any type of application or website in order to make it functional. However, it is a practice that is penalised by Google when the search engine algorithms manage to detect duplicate content.

It is also a real tool for monitoring competitors. It allows companies to better analyse and process information. In addition, it allows for better price comparisons with competitors. This is possible thanks to the specific information and consultation of products and prices on a website.

What do I know about how web scraping works?

For any business, scraping has an impact on traffic and search engine results. It is therefore important to know how it works. It is important to distinguish between manual and automatic scraping.

Manual scraping is very efficient when the amount of data to be exploited is not huge. It consists of copying and inserting the information into a manual. After the texts that are useful to you have been identified, they are recorded in an irregular manner.

Automatic scraping involves the use of software or an algorithm to analyse several websites and extract information. The choice of system is made according to the content and nature of the website. Here, there are different methods. These include parsers, robots and text.

Parsers convert text into a new structure. This is a method that may be based on parsing HTML or a DOM. As far as robots are concerned, specific tasks are performed by software through site exploration, automation and data collection.

The last method is the simplest. It is, however, the most time consuming. There is the web exploration and the search for the thermals in python.

Techniques for blocking Google

This is a legal technique in Europe, particularly in France and the United States, as long as the data is freely accessible by users. However, there are scrapers that use content denaturation. There are therefore many sites that use techniques to block the process in question.

For example, the robots.txt file blocks search engine robots. It prevents automatic web scraping. Similarly, the image or CSS data technique prevents scraping.

In summary, Google scraping offers many advantages. All the web scraper needs to do is choose the right tools to do it.

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